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Eotres I - Possession by Nightpark

This is truly a work of art. I love the dominance of the gorgeous color blue worked into each nook and cranny in wonderful shades and g...

Crono_ Chrono Trigger by Sooperkreep

His muscles are pretty ridiculously large in his upper right arm, but I like how his shirt frames his shoulders just so. His collar is ...

This shot makes her beautiful skin look extremely smooth and silky. You said this has more shadows than the actual photo, and I like it...


Fanfiction Craziness

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 24, 2013, 8:33 AM
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What the heck. craziness. o_o Read entry

Whoa. So I have two fanfics up on, one for Neverwinter Nights 2 and the other for Harry Potter. I first started posting the NWN2 one on 2/22/13 and since then it has gotten 2924 views. In the month of April alone it garnered 1166 views and 209 unique visitors. Let's compare this to my HP fanfic...which, despite only being up since 4/21/13 (three days!), it has gotten 1345 views and 540 unique visitors. The HP one got 331 unique visitors in three days while the NWN2 fic got 209 unique visitors in twenty-four days. Sheesh! That just goes to show how much more well-known Harry Potter is! (As of right now, there are 639,976 Harry Potter fanfictions and only 737 Neverwinter Nights 2 fanfictions on

Who are your ultimate favorite couples, from anywhere? Anime, books, games, movies, TV shows, whichever; list your favorites, and if you've made art of them, link to it here so I can sift through! (The "Comments" link is at the very bottom of this journal, right before the extreme black-and-blueness ends~)

This is my list. It goes in alphabetical order of where each person is from, then by preference of the couple, with my favorite character of the two listed first. Those extra-special couples are in bold and marked with a :heart:.

:bulletgreen: Jack x Renee (24) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Magus x Schala (Chrono Trigger) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Magus x Marle (Chrono Trigger) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Crono x Marle (Chrono Trigger) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Crono x Lucca (Chrono Trigger)
:bulletgreen: Glenn x Lucca (Chrono Trigger)
:bulletgreen: Magus x Lucca (Chrono Trigger)
:bulletgreen: Rodion x Sonia (Crime and Punishment)
:bulletgreen: Kasumi x Ian (Dead or Alive)
:bulletgreen: Kasumi x Hayabusa (Dead or Alive)
:bulletgreen: Lei-Fang x Jann Lee (Dead or Alive)
:bulletgreen: Shinichi x Ran (Detective Conan) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Hattori x Kazuha (Detective Conan
:bulletgreen: Shinichi x Ai (Detective Conan)
:bulletgreen: Sorceress x Paladin (Diablo II)
:bulletgreen: Vegeta x Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)
:bulletgreen: Reaver x Sparrow (Fable) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Tohru x Kyo (Fruits Basket) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Tohru x Yuki (Fruits Basket)
:bulletgreen: Severus x Lily (Harry Potter) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Severus x Hermione (Harry Potter)
:bulletgreen: Sesshomaru x Rin (Inuyasha) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Inuyasha x Kagome (Inuyasha) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Miroku x Sango (Inuyasha)
:bulletgreen: Kagome x Koga (Inuyasha)
:bulletgreen: Mario x Peach (Mario)
:bulletgreen: Kyon x Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
:bulletgreen: Knight Captain x Casavir (Neverwinter Nights 2) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Knight Captain x Bishop (Neverwinter Nights 2) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Gene x Melfina (Outlaw Star)
:bulletgreen: Ash x Misty (Pokémon)
:bulletgreen: Kid x Serge (Radical Dreamers)
:bulletgreen: Purim x Randi (Secret of Mana) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Horo x Lawrence (Spice and Wolf)
:bulletgreen: Raynor x Kerrigan (StarCraft) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Yami x Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
:bulletgreen: Yugi x Téa (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
:bulletgreen: Joey x Seto (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
:bulletgreen: Hiei x Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Hiei x Yukina (Yu Yu Hakusho) :heart:
:bulletgreen: Yusuke x Kayko (Yu Yu Hakusho)
:bulletgreen: Botan x Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho)
:bulletgreen: Shizuru x Sakyo (Yu Yu Hakusho)
:bulletgreen: Link x Zelda (Zelda)

Support me by joining my group: :iconbeautiful-villains:Beautiful-Villains. The name says it all. :3

If you have Facebook, here's my artist page:…

:thumb148147931: :thumb150103945:
Haha, it looks like they're nearly missing.

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Points commissions are open for stamps and buttons (5 :points: each). Here are some examples:
Lelouch x Shirley Stamp by AlonelyChi is Displeased Stamp by AlonelyI Love Meeting People Stamp by AlonelyInuyasha x Kagome Stamp 2 by Alonely

Art commissions are now open! :meow: The first five commissions get a discount. I will draw anything, including animals, furries, hentai, yaoi, yuri, etc. or even any combination of the aforementioned. By default, your commission will be uploaded to deviantART, but if you specify that you don't want it to be, then it won't.

Paypal Stamp by artist4com
I also accept all major cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover).

$4 - Lineart (traditional)

$5 - Lineart (digital) colored
Reiko Sprite by Alonely

$6 - Above shoulders colored
Innocence by Alonely Hermione Deep in Thought by Alonely Mouri Ran by Alonely

$7 - Midsection and up colored with simple background
Reiko by Alonely

$8 - Full body colored with simple background
Towel in the Forest by Alonely Spin the Bottle by Alonely Andorra in Solitude by Alonely

$9 - Midsection and up colored with more detailed background
Lily and Casavir - Mountain Village by Alonely

Mature Content

Lily and Casavir - In This Together by Alonely

$10 - Full body colored with more detailed background
Lord Sesshomaru 2 by Alonely Freudia Neuwahl by Alonely Princess Sarek 3 by Alonely

If you have a question as to how much something will cost and it isn't listed here or is a mixture of the above, just ask! :meow:

*** $1 discount on all commissions involving one of the characters in the "Favorite Characters" list below. ***

If you'd really love to win my heart (or friendship, moreso!), request an art trade with me including one of the following:

:heart: Ultimate Favorite Girls: :heart:
Amazon - Diablo II
Ayane - Dead or Alive
Ayla - Chrono Trigger
Botan - Yu Yu Hakusho
C.C. - Code Geass
Esk Andersson - Sexy Beach 3
Hitomi - Dead or Alive
Horo - Spice and Wolf
Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha
Kasumi - Dead or Alive
Kayko Yukimura - Yu Yu Hakusho
Kikyo - Inuyasha
Lei Fang - Dead or Alive
Lily Evans - Harry Potter
Lucca - Chrono Trigger
Marle - Chrono Trigger
Purim - Secret of Mana
Ran Mouri - Detective Conan
Rin - Inuyasha
Sango - Inuyasha
Sarah Kerrigan - StarCraft
Schala - Chrono Trigger
Sorceress - Diablo II
Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket
Yoko Littner - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Yukina - Yu Yu Hakusho
Zoë Castillo - Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Angelina Jolie
Charlize Theron
Elisha Cuthbert
Emma Watson
Katee Sackhoff
Lucy Lawless
Michelle Rodriguez
Milla Jovovich

:heart: Ultimate Favorite Guys: :heart:
Ayame Sohma - Fruits Basket
Bishop - Neverwinter Nights 2
Boy - Secret of Evermore
Casavir - Neverwinter Nights 2
Conan Edogawa - Detective Conan
Crono - Chrono Trigger
Fred Luo - Outlaw Star
Frog - Chrono Trigger
Gene Starwind - Outlaw Star
Heiji Hattori - Detective Conan
Hiei - Yu Yu Hakusho
Inuyasha - Inuyasha
Jann Lee - Dead or Alive
Jim Raynor - StarCraft
Kogoro Mouri - Detective Conan
Kurama - Yu Yu Hakusho
Kyo Sohma - Fruits Basket
Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass
Magus - Chrono Trigger
Miroku - Inuyasha
Paladin - Diablo II
Popoi - Secret of Mana
Randi - Secret of Mana
Reaver - Fable
Sesshomaru - Inuyasha
Severus Snape - Harry Potter
Shigure Sohma - Fruits Basket
Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan
Vash the Stampede - Trigun
Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho

Alan Rickman
Ben Stiller
Bruce Willis
Jim Carrey
Kiefer Sutherland
Leonardo DiCaprio
Matt Damon
Mark Wahlberg



Alonely has started a donation pool!
980 / 1,500
:iconbigheartplz: Erotic kiriban at 39,999, 40,000, and 40,001 views! :meow:

Are you an Inuyasha fan? Do you want high-quality screenshots for a very small price ($1/1000 screenshots)? If so, look here for all the info: beautiful-villains.deviantart.…

1-5 :points: = llama
6-10 :points: = 1 :+fav: and a llama
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21-40 :points: = 5 :+fav: and a llama
41-60 :points: = 10 :+fav:, a watch, and a llama
61-75 :points: = 15 :+fav:, a watch, and a llama
76-100 :points: = 20 :+fav:, a watch, and a llama
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All donations will go toward a noble cause; they will be used for:
:bulletblue: Commissions
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Katie Jurek
United States
My name is Katie, and I apparently have a thing for drawing or writing about couples of forbidden love (I just realized this recently by going through my latest drawings and stories!). I am a college student and I love life and knowledge.

Current residence: Florida (and Norway every few months!)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favorite genre of music: Foreign contemporary and trance
Favorite art style: Cel-shading
Operating system: Windows 7
Shell of choice: Koopa's shell! :)
Favorite character: Ayla, Casavir, Crono, Hiei, Magus, Marle, Schala, Sesshomaru, Shinichi, Snape

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